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Beede's Baseball Basics. At-home drills and parenting skills for youth baseball.

Beede's Baseball Basics

The Minors

Develop Their Game, Strengthen Your Bond

THE MINORS is a game-changing opportunity to elevate your child's baseball skills and your parenting approach. With lessons on healthy sports parenting plus all three of our mini courses, you'll nurture a balanced relationship with sports, discover engaging at-home drills, and develop a supportive framework for your young athlete's journey.

Empowering Parents, Empowering Players

Practice doesn't end on the field! Gain access to drills that Coach Beede used to turn himself into an MLB draft pick and that he's used successfully with young players—including his own boys—for decades. Spend quality time bonding with your child while refining their baseball skills in the comfort of your home.

Unlock guidance from experts who lived the journey as players and parents. Learn directly from a former NCAA head baseball coach, glean insights from a sports psychologist, and receive invaluable guidance from a certified mental performance coach.

Discover strategies that foster a healthy, balanced relationship between your child, you, and the game of baseball. Equip your child with the foundational skills they need to succeed.


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