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Beede's Baseball Basics

Efficient. Powerful. Confident.

Hitters don't earn these adjectives overnight. The hitting gurus on social media will tell you otherwise. They're lying to you. I'm here to tell you the truth.

Hitting is called the hardest thing in sports because it is.

In this course I tell you the hitting drill I used to transform myself from the worst hitter on my Little League team to a thirteenth-round draft pick out of high school (way back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth). It's the drill Mason Koppens used to go from a part-time varsity player to a 4-year NCAA Division I starter and Cape Cod League Silver Slugger. The same drill one of my youth clients used to go from ten games without a hit at age 12 to driving the ball to the opposite field at age 14.

It won't happen overnight and your child may be frustrated at first. (Remember, I said I'd tell you the truth.) But it will happen.

Your child doesn't need gadgets, gurus, or gizmos to be a better hitter. You don't need to spend $200 to make them elite or $300 to make them high level. And you won't find a better value out there than this course.

Because baseball doesn't have to be expensive.

Sign up today and get access to this drill. Included are videos on how you as a parent can maintain perspective, the mental approach to hitting for players, and a hitting session with Coach Beede and two of his middle school clients.

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