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Walter Beede, Baseball Lifer, Ambassador of Youth Baseball

Hello, and welcome

I'm Walter Beede. You might know me as the Baseball Lifer. I've created Beede Baseball as a one-stop resource for parents navigating the worlds of youth baseball, travel baseball, and high school baseball.

Because baseball doesn't have to be expensive.


This hitting course teaches youth baseball players eye-hand coordination, a resilient mental approach, an how to be their own best coach

What youth hitters need to compete

This blog post covers everything you need to know about how to write an email to a college coach.

A free resource for student-athletes

What people are saying

"I have known Walter for over 35 years and there are not many other people around with his vast knowledge of baseball ... Walter cares about young people, and though he may not tell you what you want to hear, he will always tell you what you need to hear. He will be an important and objective guide to your decision-making process."

— Tim Corbin, Head Coach, Vanderbilt University

"Walter Beede is an exceptional baseball man that knows what it takes to be a standout high school player, college player, and professional player. There are very few people in the business that know that process firsthand as much as Walter as a player, coach, teacher, and Dad. He is connected to the best of the best in the business ... He is also the type of person that will be very honest with players and coaches alike."

— Jayson King, Head Coach, University of Dayton

"Without hesitation, I would recommend Walter to any parents who are trying to find the best academic and athletic opportunity for their son. He is also able to find skill sets that other coaches and instructors may have overlooked."

— Scott Jackson, Head Coach, Liberty University